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I have provided economic consulting services since 1977 and currently limit my practice to consulting services in tort actions involving personal injury, wrongful death, wrongful termination and limited lost profit claims.  In addition, evaluations of the present value of life care plans are undertaken.  Economic appraisals may involve evaluations of the loss of earning capacity, loss of expected earnings, loss of benefits, loss of household services and expected future dollar value medical care needs.

Since 2000, my practice has run at a 74% plaintiff and 26% defense balance.

If you would like to communicate with me at Future Costs, please do not hesitate to send an email message or call (307) 631-0514.  I will be happy to answer questions or discuss details regarding a possible retention engagement.

Richard (Dick) T. O’Gara

Forensic Services

  • Estimation of economic damages for personal injury, wrongful termination and wrongful death litigation
  • Expert testimony in deposition and at trial
  • Calculation of Present Values for life care plans
  • Case and litigation support through:
  • assistance in deposing and cross-examining opposing witnesses
  • analysis of opposing-party testimony and reports

Non-Forensic Services

  • Research, compile and analyze primary and secondary data sources for market feasibility studies, economic analysis, impact studies, trend analysis and projections
  • Organize, develop, conduct and report survey results


  • Economic consulting / Testifying expert
  • Forensics economist
  • Personal injury / Wrongful death economist
  • Wrongful death economist
  • Economic evaluation of life care plans
  • Market feasibility analysis
  • Economic impact analysis
  • Economic projections and forecasting
  • Present value analysis
  • Research in surveys, regional economics, prices and impact analysis
  • Research economist


  • Twenty-seven years as a Professor of Economics, retired
  • Forty-one years of experience as an economist dealing with:
  • Expert testimony
  • Economic damages
  • Forecasting
  • Surveys
  • Micro and Regional economic analysis
  • MS, Economics, University of Wyoming
  • BS, Economics, Marietta College

Richard T. O’Gara

307-631-0514 | [email protected]

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