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Forensic Services

  • Estimation of economic damages for personal injury, wrongful termination and wrongful death litigation
  • Expert testimony in deposition and at trial
  • Calculation of Present Values for life care plans
  • Case and litigation support through:
  • assistance in deposing and cross-examining opposing witnesses
  • analysis of opposing-party testimony and reports

Non-Forensic Services

  • Research, compile and analyze primary and secondary data sources for market feasibility studies, economic analysis, impact studies, trend analysis and projections
  • Organize, develop, conduct and report survey results


  • Consulting expert
  • Testifying expert
  • Economic consulting expert
  • Economic testifying expert
  • Forensics economist
  • Testifying economist
  • Consulting economist
  • Personal injury economist
  • Wrongful death economist
  • Expert in life care plans
  • Economic evaluation of life care plans
  • Wrongful termination economist
  • Economist in Market feasibility analysis
  • Economic impact analysis
  • Economic projections and forecasting
  • Microeconomic economist
  • Regional economic analysis
  • Regional economic economist
  • Present value analysis
  • Present value analyst
  • Research in surveys, regional economics, prices and impact analysis
  • Research economist


  • Twenty-seven years as a Professor of Economics, retired
  • Forty-one years of experience as an economist dealing with:
  • Expert testimony
  • Economic damages
  • Forecasting
  • Surveys
  • Micro and Regional economic analysis
  • MS, Economics, University of Wyoming
  • BS, Economics, Marietta College

Richard T. O’Gara

307-631-0514 | [email protected]

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